Dr. Andrea Raffa. CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Prof. Luigi Mondello. COO (Chief Operating Officer) and Scientific Member of the Board of Directors
Prof. Paola Dugo. Scientific Member of the Board of Directors
Dr. Margherita Barilà.Technical/Administrative Assistant and Prevention, Protetion Service Manager
Dr. Elisa Giglio. Technical/Administrative Assistant and Safety Representative for Employee
Mr. Nicolae Luca. Laboratory Technician and Fire Prevention Attendant
Dr. Maimone Mariarosa. GC, MS Specialist
Dr. Utczas Margita. GC, MS Specialist and First Aid Attendant
Dr. Francesca Rigano. LC, MS Specialist and Lab Safety Supervisor
Dr. Mariosimone Zoccali. GC, MS Specialist and Emergencies Coordinator

External Consultants
Dr. Trovato Emanuela, Projects Manager